Course Description

Whether you are an experienced or emerging leader, providing leadership in High-Performance organizations requires an intentional balance between providing support and fostering accountability.

Some of us are great at holding team members accountable while others excel at being supportive leaders.

Exercising those leadership muscles that are outside of our comfort zones strengthens our leadership ability and effectiveness. This interactive workshop aims to equip leaders with the necessary tools and strategies to strike this balance, enhancing the ability to develop high-performing teams while maintaining a healthy, supportive work environment.

We will explore unique challenges and opportunities for supervisors leading former peers, the power of Emotional Intelligence, Servant Leadership, HR tools and laws that promote support and accountability, Embracing Difficult Conversations, Performance Management, and Team Development.

Throughout the workshop, you will have opportunities to reflect on your own leadership style, the current state of your team, and how you can apply the concepts and strategies covered in the workshop to your specific work context.  


By the end of this interactive workshop, you will have a better understanding of how to balance support and accountability in your leadership role, which will help you build a stronger team and achieve better outcomes for the children and families you serve.

Workshop Participants will be able to : 

  1. Define Support and Accountability in the workplace and articulate the importance of balancing support and accountability
  2. Identify HR tools, from Federal and California laws, that promote accountability and support for staff
  3. Identify and address individual barriers to holding others accountable
  4. Identify and mitigate individual challenges to being a supportive leader
  5. Identify and utilize performance management tools, that promote both support and accountability.
  6. Employ effective communication techniques for providing feedback and coaching
  7. Discuss how a leader's emotional intelligence can promote both accountability and support by building relationships, managing emotions, and adapting to different communication styles.
  8. Define Servant Leadership and Identify ways in which a servant leader provides both accountability and support by focusing on the needs of the team, empowering team members, and promoting collaboration.
  9. Identify unique challenges and opportunities in supporting and holding former peers accountable. 
  10. Identify and adopt self-care habits that better prepare leaders to both support and hold their team members accountable

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Balancing Support & Accountability:

Leading Your Team with Heart and Expectations for Excellence

Thursday, July 20th @ 10AM-2PM

About The Trainer

L. Jani Sheppard is the President and founder of ljs.LeadershipSolutions. Her work reflects 32 years of commitment to Leadership Development, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Executive Coaching, and Organizational Development. She is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University and, a PONO and Weinberg Fellow with a focus on non-profit Management and Leadership Development through Hawaii Pacific University. She is an Executive Leadership Coach with the Gratitude Network and a Partner and facilitator for JAIDE (Environmental and Racial Justice). Her work in Public Health has included Equity Program Manager for AM BioScience cannabis division, Program Manager for Emergency Preparedness services, Tobacco Control (including the successful crafting of a successful Tobacco Retail License ordinance to restrict the sale and access of flavored tobacco to youth), development and management of Opioid prevention services, and trainer and advocate for Health Equity.  

Jani served as CEO of Maui Family Support Services for 11 years, serving children and families experiencing family violence and leading prevention services for the islands of Maui, Moloka’i, and Lana’i. Her organization received multiple awards including six “Best Places to Work”, and a commendation from the Commission on Fatherhood, and she was recognized by Hawaii Business Magazine as one of the top 10 CEOs to Know in Hawaii. She is the former Executive Director of Project Sanctuary, an organization committed to serving survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in Mendocino County, CA. She has provided leadership for organizations and communities dedicated to partnering with individuals with disabilities, including behavioral health and substance use disorders, to provide options for healing, self-sufficiency, and joy. As a Servant Leader, she is committed to ensuring those impacted by policies, services, and supports always have a seat at the table and that their voices drive the conversation. 

Jani is a skilled facilitator: She creates safe and open environments where participants learn, share, and develop skills needed to meet their goals. Her clients overwhelmingly share their appreciation for her compassion, ability to meet them where they are, provide honest and supportive feedback, develop focused and relevant steps to meet to achieve their goals, and have fun doing it. Jani provides the same positive experience in her role as an Executive Coach. Her strength-based approach celebrates the individual, the lessons learned from their journey, and their capacity to experience success on multiple levels. Jani is a staunch proponent of trauma-informed care and support and is honored to have the opportunity to work with survivors of trauma, including historical and cultural trauma. 

Jani has served the community serving on various Boards and Commissions including as Board Chairperson for the Boys and Girls Club; Board Chairperson and Public Policy Chair for the Hawai’i Alliance of Non-Profit Organizations, Vice-Chairperson for United Way Board of Directors, co-Founder of the Mendocino County DEI Task Force, Chair Person for Ukiah City Council Equity and Inclusion Committee, Chairperson Ho’oikaika Partnership, AMllc Equity Advisor, as a Sonoma County Commissioner for Area Council on Aging, and member of a Cloverdale Disabilities Action Committee.