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Thursday, April 13th 2023

10:00-11:30 AM

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About This Course

This training will provide an overview of the history and culture of African Americans with a focus on recognizing cultural mistrust, issues faced, and perceptions of Black males. Through lecture and discussion, participants will identify how efforts to adequately provide for Black males can be linked to the fight for larger social justice goals for themselves and their communities. Participants in this training will: develop an understanding of the importance of the role of the historian in interpreting African American history; expand their knowledge and awareness of the disproportionality of Black males who are institutionalized and the impact it has on communities; learn the most common mistakes professionals make when working with Black males and how to avoid them; and engage in dialogue to identify strengths-based practices and interventions that foster family health and resilience.

Qur-an Webb, MSW 

Qur-an Webb, is the Director of Operations at Welcome 2 Reality, LLC. Qur-an has been in the social work field for over 20 years. Qur-an is the Connecticut Chapter Lead for Media Literacy Now which focuses on education around media literacy. In this role, Qur-an was instrumental in getting Public Act No. 15-94 and Public Act No. 17-67 passed in Connecticut which now mandates school systems to educate the safe use of social media and computer programming instruction and create an advisory council must be was created related to digital citizenship, internet safety, and media literacy. He also works as an independent contractor and is an adjunct instructor. Qur-an is the vice president of the Association of Black Sports Officials. In this role, Qur-an advocates for the rights of and opportunities for Black sports officials and pushes for equality among officials. He also provides training and professional development opportunities domestically and internationally for the company. 

Anthony Gay, BA